Hard to believe it's already a month since getting back from an amazing couple of weeks away in the outback, photographing the 2018 Big Red Bash!!! We returned for our 4th year, and the organisers did not disappoint! The airwaves were humming with excitement weeks in advance from all the first timers looking for advice and the small towns we passed through received a much needed retail boost with food and fuel sales from the hordes descending on Birdsville :-) Check out this link for an amazing wrap of the event!

If you attended BRB for the first time and didn't know about us, make sure you look below now and see our beautiful full colour 12-month customised desk calendars or our 140 page coffee table book that makes all your friends wish they'd gone too! :-)

They make a great Xmas present or gift to send overseas and showcase our beautiful country. And don't forget to check out our photos as well, in the Gallery section, and get some ideas for your costume for next year's Desert Drag Race. The fashion parade this year was absolutely huge!

The Music in the Mulga book is at draft stage, and we had hoped to have it all ready for mailing out before leaving for the Qld Variety Bash this weekend, but have just run out of days! It will be first priority on our return in 2 weeks time. The festival is held at Wandilla Station near Eulo, and what a beautiful week it was !!! An absolute gem of a festival and quite special and unique in that you can freely mix with the artists, and the atmosphere is awesome, small and personalised. Consider it for your bucket list in 2019 :-)

This will be our 11th year photographing for the QLD Variety Bash, and this year the event kicks off in Gladstone, and ends in Townsville 10 days later. It will be especially fun this year as we meet up with the Victorian and Northern Territory Bashers as well on the final day. Stay tuned!

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Windorah Dishes - Sunset outside of Windorah