2018 Variety Bash

Hi Bashers, I've heard there will be a lot of VIRGIN Bashers coming on board this year, so I thought it worthwhile to create a page that explains a little bit ahead of time what I do for Variety, as Media B. I take photos throughout the Bash, and create a beautiful full colour 140 page coffee table book, called BASH MEMORIES, and this will be my 11th year on the job for Variety and I absolutely love what I do!! The sale of the books and calendars and other products I create go back to Variety and I donate my time and photographs as well for them to use.

The earlier I have your orders for Bash Memories products, the further ahead of the game I am. The main thing is to get your order to me BEFORE the Bash commences so that I have a clear idea of which cars I will need to focus on the most. Make sure you visit our table at the Scrutineering days and view products from previous years, and there are some photos below as well.

As you can appreciate, it's a BIG job to capture absolutely everything that happens on a Bash, so if you think you have a cracker shot, or want it included on your calendar / book / mug etc. come and see me during the Bash and we can download the shot on the spot. Saves me chasing you afterward :-)

Looking forward to seeing you all in Gladstone next week!! Warm Regards Trish

PS Feel free to browse the Gallery, and see what else I get up to when I'm not on the Variety Bash! And if you haven't LIKED us yet on Facebook, come on over!

Calendars Finished
Best Cal 2
IMG_0566 - Version 3